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Mint & Menthol E-Liquid

Arctic iced cool e liquid bring you the cool feeling. Mint and menthol eliquids are amongst the most popular on the market.
A good menthol e-juice will have a chillingly cold edge to it and plenty of fresh mint flavour. There are mint e-liquid options on the market without that menthol vape kick but a good menthol flavour should have at least some degree of chill.
Our tasty Ice mint vape juice has the same taste and wintry deliciousness as our mint and menthol flavour. The common mint and menthol flavour will leave your mouth and throat feeling delightfully refreshed. Arctic ice mint will blow right through you and give you powerful explosion of menthol – hitting your throat like a freezing breeze. It leaves the mouth feeling super fresh. Along with our staple menthol flavour, we also offer a selection of other minty liquids that are ideal for those wanting more from their vape. We combine the delicious fruit flavours of strawberry, cherry and blueberry with an Ice blast to create a range of fruity menthol e liquids that offer a sweet hit before that refreshing rush of mint.