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Flavourless e liquid is a great liquid for discreet vaping or just topping up on nicotine or diluting vape liquid. Sometimes you can get tired of eliquid flavours and crave just a simple, clean, clear vape hit. This is exactly why we sell flavourless eliquid, for those of you who don't want any taste or flavour, just a pure, strong vape. It provides just as much vapour and inhale sensation as other eliquids, it's just purely flavourless. It's also ideal for mixing with our flavour concentrates, so you can mix and match your own flavour combinations whenever and however you want to. Try it on it's own to clear the palate, or combine with flavour concentrates to individualise your eliquid experience.
If you’re just looking for a clean hit, flavourless e-liquids are a great choice. Perfect for diluting existing liquids, mixing with other flavours and vaping straight. Alternatively you could use this as an e liquid dilutent to reduce the amount of flavour you get from your other e liquids.We have tested this in all types of tanks to ensure it does not crack them. We have matched the consistency across our range of strengths to ensure it maximises the life of your coils.

Why Use Flavorless E-Liquid?
1. It’s a great way to dilute strong vape juice flavors or high nicotine strengths.
2. Your coils will stay fresh and last longer with flavorless versus flavored vape juices.
3. Vaping flavorless will clear up vapers tongue and get you back to your favorite flavors.