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Caramel Cream E Liquid

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Caramel cream e-liquid tastes like gooey, sticky, sweet, and delicious caramel! After trying caramel cream flavour, most customers come back to buy the biggest bottle we have. Caramel cream flavour will be best appreciated with a little time to steep to let the full caramel flavor come through. Caramelized bread pudding with a touch of sweet condensed milk. If you love a good ice cream sundae topped with creamy caramel, this e-juice will have you salivating. The thick, rich flavor of a creamy caramel topping practically overwhelms your taste buds. The Caramel Cream e-juice is a sweet delight without the stickiness or calories of an actual caramel candy. Caramel cream e-liquid is a true guilty pleasure for any fan of sweet caramel treats. Caramel Cream eliquid is the perfect post meal e-juice for the creamy, sweet flavor of a caramel dessert that won't put on the pounds.


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