I believe many of my friends will be drawn from the "duck" series, lucky monkey in the grasp of the cold on the very good, it is not like the "duck series" as the same into the throat cold feeling, but let the cold deployment into a "delicious" The role of show. In the fruit of the real degree of reduction, the proportion of the deployment of flavor, sweetness and other aspects of the level is also quite in place, let the user as if really eating juicy fruit as pleasant. Strawberry Limon DJ (Strawberry / Lemon / Mint) The coolness is well controlled, the feeling of the entrance is refreshing and not intense. Slightly acidic lemon is not thick but just right, the taste is more inclined to MOJITO type of lime flavor. The taste of strawberries in the smoke to stop the moment began to show, the two tastes do not interfere with each other, the discrimination is very high. Pineapple Strawberry Pirate (Pineapple / Strawberry / Mint) A ripe pineapple flavor, sour sweet like pineapple flavor of soda. Smoke across the mouth, strawberry flavor mixed in which the pineapple set off more sweet. But it is not like "DJ" as a 1 to 1 of the deployment, strawberry as a foil to show the form of a trace of aroma, smoke throughput can strawberry flavor accumulation, more and more obvious ... Blackcurrant Melon alien (blackcurrant / melon / mint) The taste of the entrance is very "thickness", the taste of the blackcurrant in a trace of slightly acidic background makes people feel very juicy, than the ordinary "grape flavor" taste more oil "juicy" "strong" taste Experience, but in the performance of cantaloupe scent on the more flat, after the smoke can be felt after the fruit fragrance residual.USListings Like the taste of fruit friends is difficult to resist its attractiveness, if you have been because of the cold sense of cold and resistance to the taste of Malay friends, you can try this cool juicy lucky monkey series, it is more than cost-effective "duck" even better pumping