1.PEAU DE PECHE Open the bottle smell: sweet peach juice taste, like peach juice drinks. The actual experience: the taste of the smoke entrance and the smell of smoke smell is not the same, the smell of smoke is more like the feeling of peach candy, nasal suction candy feeling will be more intense. Taste Comments: the taste of peach candy, and did not imagine the taste of peach juice. 2.LA MENTHE POLAIRE Open the bottle smell: a touch of mint flavor, much like just open the green arrows chewing gum. The actual experience: smoke inhalation from the tip of the tongue to the throat feeling, the taste of the mint in the tongue part of the performance is very clear, the throat part will only have full of cool, very cold experience. Taste Comments: mouth smoking can be used as "throat sugar" of the smoke, cold and not stimulate the throat, you can do with the use of cool taste to add smoke. 3.TABAC ALABAMA Open bottle of smell: smoke oil taste is relatively light, carefully smell only a touch of tobacco flavor. The actual experience: Smoke entrance is more soft, and there is no sense of the general smell of tobacco, a touch of American flavor of flue-cured tobacco, into the throat will not have a strong irritation, frequent use of the throat will not feel dry. Taste Comments: a touch of American tobacco taste, suitable for use in smoke. 4.TABAC BOURBON JACK Open the bottle smell: a taste of wine mixed with a touch of tobacco flavor. The actual experience: soft smoke into the mouth, whiskey taste is very real, after taste there is a little bit of sweet, exhaled smoke fades of light, the taste of tobacco spread, nasal wine flavor is very strong. Taste Comments: for the tobacco and alcohol users, is a worth trying to smoke oil. 5.ANIS SAUVAGE PULPE DE CONCOMBRE Open the bottle smell: light cucumber aroma, mixed with a taste can not tell. Practical experience: no imagination of the "dark dishes" taste, smoke entrance until the throat will feel the taste, a touch of cucumber taste more real, mixed with fennel flavor, the taste will not be disgusting. Taste Comments: nothing to do with the dark dishes, the overall taste is relatively light, a kind of "appetizer" feeling. 6.CAFE DU SAINT AMOUR Open the bottle smell: thick coffee taste, the aroma is very pleasing. The actual experience: the entrance of the fragrant coffee flavor, and smoke smell the taste is very consistent, the overall feeling is very close to the Star Wars Royal coffee smoke taste, exhaled smoke, the mouth will be a trace of coffee aftertaste. Taste Comments: very good coffee taste, high degree of reduction, if there is a high VG version will be trusted by more users. PULP series of smoke with a 20ml needle tube, pointed needle tube is very suitable for backgammon, OG2 atomizer for oiling, very convenient. After testing, the entire series of smoke oil is more suitable for the use of small smoke atomizer for mouth and mouth, for the pursuit of taste experience of the user, there will be a good experience, especially tobacco smoke, for the use of these cheap e liquid is also a good choice.