Agent Orange Hunter Cool and inhalation of comfort, taste between the concentrated orange juice and orange, a bit like the element of blood orange. Sweetness to grasp the moderate, will not let the sweetness of the "juice" of the delicious, in the smoke exhaled occasion to feel a trace of orange peel green taste (sugar orange orange), the overall reduction is good. Perfect Pearapples stars Fusion of the taste is more obvious, there are acid and sour taste of mixed fruit aroma, similar to the green apple but not very clear. Exhale also the same, followed by the official introduction of the pear taste to pursue may be aware, but not clear. If it is a mixed aroma of smoke taste, sour feeling is quite good, but the degree of reduction is slightly poor. Grape Appleman This taste should be the most cold in the series, the taste of fresh grapes, slightly sweet real. Smoke exhaled when the green apple cool, so that the whole process of juicy sour taste. A lot of grape flavor will exist fragrance deviation of the strange taste, this people are more real and natural. King of Red Bull Fruitail Mint plus red bull, quite clear entrance aroma. Comparison of the real Red Bull is more subdued, not a kind of sweet feeling. In the smoke exhaled to show some similar to the taste of plums, but not clear, slightly inclined taste, this taste quite satisfactory, not too bright spots. This time the lucky monkey's other four tastes also carried out the experience, summed up in terms of each taste are very in place. But smoke taste, after all, hundreds of hundred people, can not be good and bad. Lucky monkey all the tastes in the treatment of the cooler are more close to the taste of the domestic people, not the same as most of the previous malay oil are "severe cold feeling" to the interpretation of fresh. If you are tired of the cool cool sand taste, do not like American sweet fruit tastes, then you can try this lucky monkey series.