RDA stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer and people often name it a dripper for short. The wicks and coils of RDAs are, to a large degree, built by yourself so you can drip e-juice straight from your bottle onto the wick. RDAs do not have a built-in tank to hold extra juice, but sometimes there is a well inside the base of the RDA which can hold a little extra e-juice. A deep well in an RDA can hold no more than 30 drops of e-juice, so you should not drip too many drops into your RDA otherwise it will leak, however desperate you are! A RDA can be run in single or dual coil mode. If you take a close look at a RDA,you may notice that there are three sets of air holes on the top cap, but on the bottom section there are only two sets? Why? Is this an accident? Definitely not! It is designed so that you can use your atomizer more efficiently. If you want to use dual coils, you may want to have both sets of air holes open.

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Introduction Blitz Ghoul BF RDA is an exquisite and innovative rebuildable atomizer with 22mm diameter. It adopts an unique ceramic added build deck with one post two holes design for convenient single coil building and highly compatible with various heating coils. Moreover, Ghoul BF RDA also comes with a bottom feeding (BF) pin which make it compatible with Squonk MODs. Together with adjustable side airflow control for huge vapor and without leaking, Blitz Ghoul will bring you a magic vaping experience. The Ghoul RDA is only the 3rd RDA that Blitz have brought to market, and up till now I must admit I had not really heard of Blitz. So a good place to start is by introducing Blitz, and finding out a bit more about this company. The first thing you notice about the Ghoul is its unusual shape. Rathe than precise flat sides, the Ghouls chamber is curved outwards, in a short of Barrel shape, narrower at the bottom, slightly curving out as it rises up, then it narrows in again towards the top, where it then tapers in at about a 45 degree angle were it runs for about 2 to 3 ml, were it meets up with the very striking 810 Drip Tip, which takes up most of the diameter of the 22ml Atty.

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Packaging The Ghoul RDA, comes packaged in a distinctive yellow box, with a small cut out, to give you a sneak peak of Atomiser. And includes the following items in the box. 1x Ghoul RDA Pre-installed 810 Coloured Resin ‘Snakeskin’ Drip Tip 1x 810 Frosted Resin Pearl drip tip 1x BF pin Bottom Feed Pin. 510 drip tip adapter Coil Screw Key. Spare Parts