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Authentic Joyetech eGo ONE CT 2200mAh XL Battery - Water Blue, Stainless Steel

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Three modes: CT-Ti, CT-Ni & CW;
Temperature control simplified, the temperature for CT mode is fixed: 470'F / 245'C for CT-Ti mode, 480'F / 250'C for CT-Ni mode;
Easy operation: in power off condition, long press the fire button to swift the modes;
Resistance range: 0.2~1.0 ohm for CT modes, 0.4~3.5 ohm for CW mode;
Battery capacity: 2200mAh;
Battery display function;
510 threading

Constant Temperature (CT), Constant Power (CW), Easy Operation:

Temperature Control Simplified: Being simple to operate and wonderful in vaping, eGo ONE CT has three modes: CT-Ni, CT-Ti and CW. When powered off, long press the fire button, you can easily shift between the three modes to adapt to the coils. Dry burn can be greatly prevented due to its simplified temperature control system.
Battery display function: The current mode light under the button will flash slowly or stay lit when battery quantity is high, on the contrary the light flashes in frequency.

Charging: Simply charge the eGo ONE CT by connecting it with a PC or Joyetech wall adapter via USB cable. Once plugged in, the charging indicator will on and the current mode light flashes 5 times. When it is fully charged, the charging indicator will go out.

Battery Power Indicator:

The current mode light indicates charge left on battery, When Pushing down power button light condition indicates:
Stay lit = 100%~60% charge left;
Slowly flashes = 59%~30% charge left;
Moderately flashes = 29%~10% charge left;
Flashes in frequency = 9%~0% charge left.

Please Note:
In CW mode, different resistance of coil matches different output wattage from 7.5W to 25 W;
CT mode only supports a maximum of 1.0 ohm. It will automatically switch to CW mode when the coil is over 1.0 ohm or using a normal coil under CT mode;
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